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June 19, 2012

Foods I Love: ChiaKindButter

Thanks in no small part to Christopher MacDougall and a brilliant little ditty he wrote called Born to Run runners sure have gone chia crazy. (And while I don't mean pets, the people who brought you both Chia Cow and Chia Garfield are now also bringing you chia supplements and, yes, The Clapper.)

But seriously, we love these weird magical little seeds, with their supposedly energy-giving mystical powers, their ability to turn the flubbiest weekend warrior into some kind of ultramarathoning superhero…right?

We'll put them in anything. Puddings, drinks, stews, oatmeal: Whatever you got, we'll chia the heck out of it. We can't get enough. We love how weird and slimy they get, the plump little suckers popping between our teeth in the morning after a long run, or in a homemade endurance gel at mile 12.

And then someone went ahead and one-upped us all by mixing the little beauties with runners' other favorite food: Peanut butter.

CHIA PEANUT BUTTER! It's a real thing. And I'm really obsessed with it.

NY Superfoods' line of chia-packed nut butters are not only ridiculously, almost unnervingly delicious (what's up, vegan dark chocolate?!), but they're also generous: A portion of the proceeds from each type of butter goes to support a different worthy cause like the NJNY Track Club and the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.

The taste is unmistakably nutty, but there's definitely something else there, too. In fact, the flavors I've tried (plain smooth, chunky dark chocolate, and smooth with coffee) have all reminded me a little bit of—funny though this might sound—papadums: Nutty (obviously) and salty (though they all boast a dry-roasted unsalted base), they also have a hint of some kind of vague unplaceable spiciness to them, which is unusual and wonderful and the undisputed star of my breakfast table every morning.

Try some yourself by ordering here—and FYI, yes, the chocolate versions are absurdly good. (You DIY types, however, should check out Holly the Healthy Everythingtarian's awesome homemade version.)

Okay... what else should we put chia seeds in, while we're at it?

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